Thursday, August 20, 2009

Walla's Week in Review

It's been some time since I last posted, almost a week, in fact.  So instead of regaling you with several long-winded accounts of my no doubt intriguing daily observations, I'll sum up the past week as such:

1.  Important realization: always have cash — you're way behind the times, New York, learn to accommodate people who only have plastic. (Haven't you heard of saving the planet?  Not wasting paper?  Sheesh.  Side note: no recycle bins on the sidewalks of NY, either... I mean, I know I went to college in hippie town, CA, but come on...)

2.  People in Hoboken are really nice! — went to a café without cash (whoops) and didn't have enough change for the $3 small coffee I ordered, but the nice woman standing next to me graciously threw down three bills (then proceeded to giggle uncomfortably while repeating this mantra: "pay it forward, right?  just pay it forward... ha ha ha, haha..."  I thanked her and promised to do the same.)

3.  People in Hoboken are also really funny — passed a guy on the street the other day whose facial complexion matched the color of his shorts: salmon.  (He also had on a muted lilac colored t-shirt, which made him look like a bruise in loafers.)

4.  Sometimes people actually do meet your expectations — my friend Megan and I approached a guy at a bar: "has anyone ever told you that you look like Buddy Holly?"  Sure enough, as soon as Megan had accessed the album art on her iPod, we held the palm-sized screen up to said guy's face and, yes, the resemblance was uncanny. (I mean, really: the glasses were an added bonus). 

Thus concludes Walla's Week in Review.

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