Monday, August 17, 2009

Claire B Weighs In

Today I'm going to get the keys to the Claire Lair. I hope.
I called Semyon, our lovely, yet incomprehensible, Russian broker for the super's phone number. Joe, the super, or Super Joe, we'll call him, is a pretty nice guy. In fact, he was the one who showed us the apartment in the first place. Even Super Joe said he'd be delighted to have us, the Claires, as tenants. Then again, who wouldn't?

So, step one: get Super Joe to call me back
Step two: get the keys from Super Joe
Step three: rejoice!

If all goes well, we'll begin moving some things in this Saturday. Mostly small stuff like decor, books, and a few big bags of clothing. Just think of it: two weeks from now, we'll be completely moved in! The thought of it thrills me to the core!

Of course once that happens, we'll be able to write about all sorts of interesting apartment-happenings. What those are remains to be seen, but rest assured that they will be riveting accounts, full of action and witty banter.

I'll be in the neighborhood after work anyway, visiting my pseudo-step-sister, Coralina, in Prospect Park South. Ditmas Park is an easy hop down from there. Anyhow, Coralina has spearheaded this arts festival called The Last Supper for the last few years, and the next festival is coming up in September for its fifth year running. It is a smorgasbord of art, music, food, and film. A cultural miasma and a feast for the senses. I've been delegated a smattering of tasks, including, but not limited to, editing press releases, finding sponsoships, compiling letters of collaboration, and really just keeping up on Coralina and helping her get things done. It's a huge effort and everyone is so passionate about what they're doing that it's hard not to love.

In any case, if all goes well, I will have the keys in hand by the end of the day to our new apartment. I'll just stand there, in sunny silence, imagining the empty space and white walls brought to life in the coming weeks by the presence of Claire and Claire.

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