Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Claire Lair Lives!

Just hours ago, Claire and I got word from our Russian broker, Seymon (pronounced Sí-mon), that our credit has been approved: as of Thursday, Aug. 14 our little 2-bedroom dream in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn will be a reality!  

It's perfect: the walking path from the Courtelyou subway stop to our little hide-a-way includes several very important features, like a bar/flowershop (yes, the two are connected... novel idea, huh?), a health food store / restaurant (for when we're feeling particularly vegan), and a coffee shop... a real coffee shop!!  These damn places were my sanctuaries in California and you have no idea how hard they are to find in New York.  (Well, at least in the neighborhoods we've been able to afford living in.)  Ah, internet and a hot cup of Joe... here I come.

And yet, while it does evoke undertones of perfection, this recent event in our NY lives does prompt some very important questions:

1. Was it necessary to go through a broker?

2. How will Claire W. pay rent if she doesn't yet have a job?

3. If we had waited, would we have found something better?

Not sure on any of these just yet... but I'm pretty certain that this is one of the most exciting things that's happened to us since I stepped off the plane.  And I'm not exactly sure how Claire B. feels about this particular part of the plan—in fact, I'm pretty sure she doesn't share my enthusiasm for this bit—but I am so psyched to finally have the chance to invite people over to the "Claire Lair"!


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  1. This is a momentous occasion for moi -- posting my first-ever comment on a blog! And, my daughter's blog, at that!
    Keep the faith, Claire and Claire. The Claire Lair, as you call it, was meant to be! You put your positive thinking in to the Universe and It delivered!
    Looking forward to being your guest during the Thanksgiving season!
    Love, Mom