Sunday, September 6, 2009

Moving Day: Part I

Claire W.

Last Sunday, Aug. 30, Claire B. and I moved all our earthly possessions from the 4th floor walk-up in Hoboken, NJ, which Claire B. had shared with her roommate and I had littered with my possessions / self for the past month, to our 4th floor apartment in Brooklyn, NY, in a building with an elevator (a major luxury, when moving heavy objects against Earth’s gravitational force).

The move was relatively seamless—I mean, I had recently moved from CA, so I only had two suitcases and a large backpack to transport. And while Claire B. had a nice accumulation of furniture and full-size bed to think about, my meager collection of things (however illogically) allowed me to approach the move with comfort and ease, knowing that my personal contribution to the hassles of the move was relatively nil. Of course, I did my part to move furniture and such—I’ve never been one to let my beefy muscles lay idle—but lifting heavy objects was really the worst of it.

After we loaded the moving truck and Claire B. headed out to Brooklyn—nudged in between her parents and with all our possessions in tow—I hopped in a car with a friend of ours and zipped across Manhattan, and ultimately into my new neighborhood: Ditmas Park.


  1. Phew! You owe one of the top-ten crossword-puzzle solutions, namely "Otis" -- the genius who bestowed upon the civilized world the elevator -- a big round of thanks! I well-remember the story famously told by Claire W's father of when he moved into his third-story walk-up bachelor pad. His friends never forgave him for the monstrously large sofa bed opened up midway in the stairwell. Not a trace of Mr. Otis' invention at this address when they were momentarily helpless and, no doubt, straining their muscles and brainpower to solve the dilemma. I can testify they did because when I moved in after the wedding, I "upolstered" it with garrishly loud sheets that I thought were soooo chic!
    Happy nesting, Claire and Claire!
    Love, Mom

  2. Sorry about the mistakes in my comment. I unintentionally posted it without proofing it! I should have sent it to Claire&Claire, Cie. first for editorial advice!

  3. Wow, I'm so excited to have found this fantastic blog. I can't believe that I didn't know about this before! ^^ Good luck, ladie!. =D